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13 January 1976
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Confused 30(!)-year-old with intense artistic and intellectual sides that frequently wind up in conflict. INFJ and INTP (according to mood and situation), I enjoy pursuits that stimulate the mind and those that stir the soul. Still searching for a way to reconcile left brain with right, but enjoying the ride along the way...mostly. Politically left-of-Howard-Dean, and born-and-raised Quaker by a pair of intellectual rationalists, I have a tendency to question everything and approach with skepticism, yet I know I have this mystical streak underneath that really wants to *believe*. I spend way too much time playing with computers of all stripes, have a passionate dislike for Microsoft, a passionate interest in computer security, and the sort of memory that retains obscure trivia and blue jokes for long periods of time but can't seem to remember appointments until I'm twenty minutes late.