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Snorkle SSH

Falling Offa Blog

Random Musings of an Ambivalent Mind

One of the greatest Muppet Show moments...
Snorkle SSH
Ev-Ar. Check it out [metacafe.com]...

ADHERENCE TEMPTS FLOOR VOMIT (Thank you, Internet Anagram Server)
orly o rly owl
Pardon me while I rant for just a minute here.


Every so often...I? Am (slightly) awesome.
Snorkle SSH
The short story: Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT successfully established as a wireless LAN bridge for the upstairs.

The long story...Collapse )

Clients anywhere in the house can now see each other...which is good, 'cause I've got a bunch of stuff to backup to the Mac Pro.

Crossing (Out) Jordan
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Dear Writers-Of-Crossing-Jordan,

Y'know, when this show first came on, I was very happy with it.More...Collapse )

Fun with Windows DRM
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Boing Boing contributes some advice for the lovelorn:

Mike asks, "If you meet a cute girl at a Democratic Victory party, but she QAs DRM for Microsoft, is asking for her email address evil?"

Reader replies:
Matt Baum advises,
No, it's not evil; but you can only email her once, and only from a computer which she has authorized. You are not permitted to email her from any address other than the one from which you initially established conversation. Also, at any point, she may decide to switch to a different communications platform, and may discontinue support for previous means of contact.

See also Lore Sjöberg's riff on Vista's new "license."


Snorkle SSH
"A new study shows that work slowdowns caused by illness on the job, known as 'presenteeism,' may account for up to 60% of employer health costs. Researchers say the findings suggest that companies may need to take another look at their health care spending."

I can't think what's bringing that quote to mind, unless it's listening to the guy on the other side of the cube wall HACKING UP A LUNG ONTO HIS DESK. REPEATEDLY.

This mini-rant brought to you by generous support from the Committee for STAY THE HECK HOME WHEN SICK, and the Corporation for Public NO ONE WANTS YOUR GERMS.

Always remember, kids...
Snorkle SSH
[cut]Collapse )

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Well, Two Out Of Three)
Snorkle SSH
"Do you do graphics for a living?" asked the TSA guy eyeing my Macbook Pro as he rifled through my belongings.

"No, computer security," I sighed, putting my sandals back on. "Seems kind of ironic at the moment."

He just looked confused. "You mean...because your computer got selected for extra screening?" He said, his brow furrowed.

Right, I thought, my computer got "selected for extra screening."

"Yeah...something like that." I said, tiredly. I couldn't be bothered to explain it to him.Collapse )

Dia De Los Mamas (as one Mexican restaurant's sign put it)
Snorkle SSH
Mother's Day again, our first "real" Mother's Day now that Caela's here (we celebrated last year, since Caela was well on her way at that point, little knowing she'd be making an appearance scant weeks later...).

More on the flipside, baby...Collapse )
All in all, an excellent day. My only concern is how to top it next year...

Snorkle SSH
I'm a packrat when it comes to desktop background images. I collect 'em. Lots of 'em. The whole "my desktop looking cool makes me happy" thing is something I've had for a while: under Linux and Solaris, it led to endless tweaking of windowmanager config files and...well, windowmanagers, whereas under OS X, it leads to having lots and lots of desktop backgrounds (394 at last count, and growing daily), which currently I have on a half-hour random rotation.

Which brings me to this post: the algorithm that OS X uses for "randomly" selecting a file from that directory is fairly demonstrably not, as I have had the same image pop up several times, even more than once in the same day, while other images have yet to show up. If I were particularly bloody-minded about it, I suppose, I'd actually attempt to do some sort of statistical analysis to figure out what sort of algorithm actually is at work here, but I can't really be bothered, so instead it's just sort of an interesting little tidbit of information.

What it did lead me to do, however, was to write a fairly brain-dead little Dashboard widget to snag the name of the current image and cough up its name and EXIF comment field into a box on the Dashboard, so I'm not stuck when someone wanders past and says, "Hey, that's a cool image--what is that?" (Most of the time, I can't remember.) Turns out widget-writing is sort of fun, and not hard at all, so I'll be interested to try a bit more of it in the future...just as soon as I find something (else) worth writing a widget for.

Oh, and just to have it in electrons, Flickr has a really nice file-naming scheme for downloaded images: a quick Google for "Flickr " (where is the first chunk of the downloaded image's default filename) produces a link to the image's Flickr page. Wait, that's almost worth writing a...naah.