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Snorkle SSH

Falling Offa Blog

Random Musings of an Ambivalent Mind

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Snorkle SSH
Checked my email this evening to find a very nicely worded note from American Airlines, apologizing profusely for their huge spate of flight cancellations recently, and for any inconvenience this may have caused their "most valued customers" (I'm Platinum on AA at the moment, which may explain the more-obsequious-than-usual tone).
The flight cancellations were due to having to ground all-or-most of their fleet of MD80 aircraft, due to an issue with a cable bundle in the wheel-well that could cause a FIRE during the flight. Lovely!

Gmail provided an unintentional moment of zen, however, when I noticed the AdSense link at the top while reading the email:
Md 80 Aircraft - Shopzilla.com - Bargain Prices. Smart Deals. Save on Md 80 Aircraft!

Save on MD 80 Aircraft? Why yes, yes, I bet you can right now. In fact, I imagine there's a bit of a...what's the phrase I'm looking for here...fire sale.

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American willing and the MD-80 don't catch fire, my mom will get here on time Tuesday. Then she can watch Big-B while clubjuggler have reahearsals Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and performances (Thursday - but she's going to that one and we're getting a babysitter,) Friday and Saturday, then take him to see the show on Sunday. I *REALLY* hope she makes it here on time!!!!

Come see Yeoman of the Guard!

Speaking of the show, snorklewacker, are you and motleymuse going to be able to make it to the show sometime? :-)

Hope your mom makes it OK! Fortunately, they use other equipment besides MD80s, so quite a few routes have been free from cancellation thus far. :)

We're definitely coming to the show, but we have to talk to my mom and figure out what arrangements we can make--might be one of us coming, might be both if Mom can watch Caela for the evening.

FWIW, L. and I are going to the Friday show. Let us know if we should look for you that night.

I hope you both can make it! Tomorrow's your last chance to get cheaper tickets through us. Incidentally, we have acquired two new babysitters through necessity while working on the show, so if you need a recommendation...

Whoever does end up coming (hopefully both of you!), please come down to the pit after the show and say hello! I'm on the left (stage right) side of the pit at the front, cramped in with my huge bass. :-)

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