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Snorkle SSH

Falling Offa Blog

Random Musings of an Ambivalent Mind

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Snorkle SSH
Eight years ago today, motley_muse made me the luckiest, happiest guy on the planet by taking my hand in marriage. Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish her (us!) a very happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary, my love. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love always,

Your Giant Purple Snorklewacker

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Congrats and happy anniversary to both of you! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of it eight years ago. (I remembered it was in the spring but forgotten it was actually on April 1st.)

Happy Anniversary to you (oo)!

Cool! Happy Anniversary!

yay! happy anniversary! *hug*

Oh, sure. April first anniversary. I believe *that*. Just cuz i was there doesn't mean i can't think it was all some elaborate hoax. *grins*

Happy belated anniversary, bro. I'll try and call sometime in the next several days, just to catch up; i've been meaning to for ages. Give her ladyship and the caelabear snugglehugs for me.

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