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Snorkle SSH

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Yes. I R A Geek.
Snorkle SSH
I'm way too excited about getting my first real excuse to consult my new copy of The Garner regarding the use of "data" as a singular or plural noun. And while it didn't really give me a solution[0], it was still quite satisfying to consult and at least get an expert opinion. Highly recommended for grammar and wording geeks everywhere. :)

[0] Garner regards the word as "skunked": basically, no matter whether you write "is the data" or "are the data," you're going to wind up bugging some portion of your readership. The Latin scholar in me hates to write "is the data," but on the other hand, "are the data" has already raised eyebrows in other circles, and I hate to have to explain it to people and look even more pretentious. *sigh*
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Grammar pretentious? Heavens. There are some things up with which one should not put.

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