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Snorkle SSH

Falling Offa Blog

Random Musings of an Ambivalent Mind

Actual Conversation with My Daughter
Snorkle SSH

Me: Have you brushed your teeth?
C-bear: Err...have we brushed the *dog's* teeth?
Me: What? No, I mean *yours.* Have you brushed *your* teeth?
C-bear: But what about the dogs? Don't they deserve to have their teeth brushed?
Me: Well, I think they...WAITAMINUTE.
C-bear: *looks innocent*
Me: ...
C-bear: *GIANT DRAMATIC SIGH* ...No, not yet.

Future Lawyers of America, I tell you.

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orly o rly owl
Had to wait forever for it tonight, but:

From Web Pics

I'm proud of my state, and proud of our new President. As a friend said, "Dear Lord, if You care about what it is we do down here, please let him be as good as his words."

Yes, We Can.

When nerds write movie reviews
orly o rly owl
Although the rest of the review isn't quite up to their usual snark-filled standards[0], something about this phrase from Pajiba's review of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tickled my nerd-funny-bone:
"With four separate storylines, you’d think this film would be pretty engaging or at least that the 1 hour and 57 minutes would easily pass by, but this clunker drags more slowly than Captain Pegleg attempting to smuggle a leg full of ferrite out of a particle accelerator."
Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming...

[0] Seriously: if you're looking for awesomely snarky and funny reviews of movies (which I find generally line up nicely with my own opinions, too) that are still intelligent and well-read, you owe it to yourself to go check out Pajiba. The comment threads are often even funnier than the reviews, too: so much so that Pajiba's editors have started doing "Top Ten Comments of the Week" postings. Too cool.

Snorkle SSH
Checked my email this evening to find a very nicely worded note from American Airlines, apologizing profusely for their huge spate of flight cancellations recently, and for any inconvenience this may have caused their "most valued customers" (I'm Platinum on AA at the moment, which may explain the more-obsequious-than-usual tone).
The flight cancellations were due to having to ground all-or-most of their fleet of MD80 aircraft, due to an issue with a cable bundle in the wheel-well that could cause a FIRE during the flight. Lovely!

Gmail provided an unintentional moment of zen, however, when I noticed the AdSense link at the top while reading the email:
Md 80 Aircraft - Shopzilla.com - Bargain Prices. Smart Deals. Save on Md 80 Aircraft!

Save on MD 80 Aircraft? Why yes, yes, I bet you can right now. In fact, I imagine there's a bit of a...what's the phrase I'm looking for here...fire sale.

Snorkle SSH
Eight years ago today, motley_muse made me the luckiest, happiest guy on the planet by taking my hand in marriage. Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish her (us!) a very happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary, my love. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love always,

Your Giant Purple Snorklewacker

Yes. I R A Geek.
Snorkle SSH
I'm way too excited about getting my first real excuse to consult my new copy of The Garner regarding the use of "data" as a singular or plural noun. And while it didn't really give me a solution[0], it was still quite satisfying to consult and at least get an expert opinion. Highly recommended for grammar and wording geeks everywhere. :)

[0] Garner regards the word as "skunked": basically, no matter whether you write "is the data" or "are the data," you're going to wind up bugging some portion of your readership. The Latin scholar in me hates to write "is the data," but on the other hand, "are the data" has already raised eyebrows in other circles, and I hate to have to explain it to people and look even more pretentious. *sigh*
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Happy Birthday!
Snorkle SSH
A belated happy birthday to vilejynx, with whom I share a birthday. As a measure of how awesome she is, she managed to get her birthday message to me out on time, whereas I...well, not so much. :)

Many thanks to everyone (especially motley_muse and little bear!) for all the wonderful birthday wishes--I had a terrific day!

Fun with memes
Snorkle SSH
Per the meme from vilejynx, some answers to her questions.

Behind the cut, 'cause I ramble a lot.Collapse )

This was fun--ping me if you want to play!

Book Meme!
Snorkle SSH
Chiming in on vilejynx's book meme thing. To shorten the list a tad, I removed all of the "No title" entries.

As you can see, I've got my work cut out for me...Collapse )

Good things come to...ahh, the heck with it.
crazy opus
I suck at waiting.

Like, a lot.

As in, if there were some kind of contest that involved me waiting for something in order to receive a fabulous reward, I would be surrendering somewhere between "Set" and "Go."

I have tried practicing the Zen state of "I don't really care, I am not attached to it," but this is not working. I am currently in the Zen state of "Give that to me right now before I CUT YOUR HEAD OFF WITH THIS LARGE ZEN SWORD RIGHT HERE." It is, however, not working either, mostly because I can't figure out how to MIME-attach a sword to an email.

Come to think of it, though, if I could figure that out, I could make a lot of money from people in the IT support industry.

Perhaps I should spend time developing that idea, while still WAITINGWAITINGWAITINGarrrrrGGGGHGHHHHHH.