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Good things come to...ahh, the heck with it.
crazy opus
I suck at waiting.

Like, a lot.

As in, if there were some kind of contest that involved me waiting for something in order to receive a fabulous reward, I would be surrendering somewhere between "Set" and "Go."

I have tried practicing the Zen state of "I don't really care, I am not attached to it," but this is not working. I am currently in the Zen state of "Give that to me right now before I CUT YOUR HEAD OFF WITH THIS LARGE ZEN SWORD RIGHT HERE." It is, however, not working either, mostly because I can't figure out how to MIME-attach a sword to an email.

Come to think of it, though, if I could figure that out, I could make a lot of money from people in the IT support industry.

Perhaps I should spend time developing that idea, while still WAITINGWAITINGWAITINGarrrrrGGGGHGHHHHHH.

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So, here's another idea. :-) I had a thought that it would be cool to invite you and motley_muse, thebroomecloset & ovrclokd, and two other friends of ours who are jugglers (and assorted kids, of course) over to our house one Saturday afternoon for both a cookout dinner and a chance to do some friendly throwing things at each other. The big question is how to fit everyone's busy schedules together. I could simply ask you to submit which of your Saturday's over the next 6 months you might be free. :-) But, there's got to be a better way to do this, right? So, any suggestions? Just something to do to pass the time while waiting. :-)

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